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As a logistics and warehouse professional you may see the need to improve your warehouse operation. Productivity could be higher, lead times shorter, stock take easier, delivery errors fewer. The software that is currently running your warehouse has a great bearing on the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation...

  • You may have specifically developed warehouse management software that has been in place for years – the legacy syndrome.
  • You may be using the WMS module of your ERP system, which is no longer able to cope with today’s Supply Chain demands
  • You may have heavily customised WMS that was configured to meet the demands of your customers, products and order profiles years ago.

These types of WMS systems bring their own set of problems. They use outdated and old-fashioned methods to run the warehouse, they generally require higher staffing levels to complete the warehouse operation and normally the system has a continuing inability to cope with today’s highly pressured Supply Chain Execution demands. As a result your business could be suffering from

  • Batch control and traceability problems
  • Stock put-away and pick issues
  • Service level agreement failure
  • Warehouse throughput issues
  • Overstocking
  • Inaccurate and incomplete data
  • Lack of data visibility

Whilst it may be a daunting prospect to consider the implications of updating or changing the software, the benefits of operating a new cost effective and efficient warehouse are many. Improvements can be made in

  • Putaway rates
  • Pick inaccuracies
  • Pick rates
  • Stock visibility
  • Warehouse space
  • Staffing Levels
  • Warehouse reporting
  • Delivery lead times
  • Delivery errors
  • Service level agreement achievement

to name a few.

Proteus Software is a customer-focused organisation, with a proven track record of client retention. Many of our clients often testify to the improvements the PROTEUS® Warehouse Management Solution has made to their supply chain operation, and of the cost savings made as a result of the implementation.

At Proteus we welcome the opportunity of discussing your supply chain operation, working closely with you to understand your business processes, and to advise, inform and implement warehouse management solutions that allow the smooth operation of your warehouse. It may be that your warehouse is already operating well and you would like to discuss how further improvements can be made.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your warehouse operation then give us a call, where a friendly member of Proteus staff will be ready help you.

For further information please call Linda Rodway on +44(0) 121 717 7474 or email me on moreinfo@proteussoftware.com


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