Cost Benefit Analysis

Proteus Cost Benefit Analysis

As business volumes and ranges of stocked products grow, the complexities associated with inventory management and logistics increase. The dependence upon the key role of the warehouse operation becomes even more significant. Companies are finding the need to implement a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), integrated with their ERP/Supply Chain Execution system to meet the increasing demands of their major clients efficiently.

The implementation of the right solution can yield major cost savings, as well as increases in company profitability and ability to respond. In the past, advanced semi-automated technology within the warehouse was restricted to larger companies and professional supply chain businesses, due to the complexity and level of investment required. However, an understanding of real business benefits and cost advantages that can be derived, has led to a wide selection of operations, both large and small embracing WMS solutions.

The process of identifying the need and business justification for a full WMS solution is a well established process. Discussions with a wide variety of warehouse professionals confirm the main focal areas as:

  • Accurate inventory levels and locations
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved customer service
  • Ability to respond to extreme seasonality and volumes

The ability to cost justify and determine the benefits derived from a particular investment is a key consideration in most business decisions.

Our experience of assisting clients with the implementation of Warehouse Centric solutions, over the many years, has seen a payback within 18 months, with real ongoing business benefits and increases in capacity.

We have developed a Cost Benefit Analysis to help you consider the implications to your business and some indications of how to measure the success of a project.

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