Demand Requirements Planning

Proteus® Software has made enhancements to the standard Proteus® Kitting/BoM module to allow a production plan to be entered and a material requirements plan created. Within this it is possible to create a provisional production plan based upon individual stock items/kits, a product group or selection of stock items/kits, taking account of any future order requirement for the items.

Any individual component shortages will be indicated and the facility to allocate available common components to specific make order kit(s) is provided. It is possible to specify the actual make order kit quantity at this stage and over commit, if required, in anticipation of any component shortfall being received.

During the creation of a provisional production plan, any sub assembly shortages, that form a part of any finished product, will also be indicated and the production plan could then be amended or a supplementary production plan created for sub assemblies to review the full component requirements, before confirmation of the full production plan. Upon commitment of a production plan, a plan number will be provided and the component quantities will be reserved against the production plan and no longer available as free stock.

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