Smart Logistics adds polish to finished vehicle deliveries

The car industry has been one of the manufacturing success stories in the UK economic recovery. A record number of vehicles are being built in the UK with exports representing 75% of production. Imports too have been strong from Continental Europe and the Far East.

With the advent of the ‘build a car to order’, one of the less understood areas of supply chain management is ‘finished vehicle logistics’. How do cars arrive in the showroom in pristine condition having often travelled halfway round the world on ‘megacarriers’ sometimes in very bad weather?

GEFCO UK, is providing a very rare and special opportunity to see one of these ‘megacarrier ships’ unload/load at the Port of Sheerness and how the landside logistics of finished vehicle deliveries works in practice. GEFCO’s Operations Team will be on hand to explain the special challenges and how they overcome them and link in with the final road journey. With a car being the most expensive item bought by most families other than the family home, great care has to be taken to protect the vehicles during the final part of their journey to the showroom.

Hosted by GEFCO UK
Lapel Bank
Sheerness Docks
Kent ME12 1RS ‎

The venue for this Supply Chain Strategy Group meeting is the Port of Sheerness in Kent owned by Peel Ports which specialises in handling these ‘megacarrier’ ships.

If you would like to attend the meeting on 15 July 2014, please complete and return the attached booking form to secure your FREE OF CHARGE place to Logistics Leaders Network email to or contact Alexandra Morley on 01737 457002. We look forward to welcoming you to this meeting and to participating in what promises to be an interesting and informative day.

15 July 2014


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