General Ledger

The heart of the Proteus® accounting and management reporting system is the General Ledger.

It is multi-company and fully integrates with the subsidiary ledgers. Nominal codes can be up to 15 characters in length, subdivided into a maximum of 9 levels. The elements of each are controlled by the structure of the chart of accounts. In this way the system validates all nominal codes before acceptance and permits new nominal codes, which conform to the controlling convention, to be created quickly. There is a facility for the system to auto-create nominal codes as required.

There is a powerful executive enquiry tool which permits senior non-accounting executives to make enquires on the general ledger, without a knowledge of the codes used. The authorised user can spiral down from a major heading through sub-headings to transaction level as required. For example, the Sales Director may wish to understand why a particular territory sold less last month than usual. In traditional systems it would be necessary to wait for a specific report to be produced; Proteus® provides the information required immediately.

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