Home Decoration

Proteus Software have been supplying warehouse management software solutions to the home decorating market since 1991.

The PROTEUS® Warehouse Management System for the home decorating materials supplier supports dual cycling. The system automatically allocates task, promoting optimisation of movements around the warehouse. Bin locations tend to be random so that storage efficiency is maximised, and the warehouse is zoned into fast, medium and slow moving stock areas. Fast moving stock is automatically stored in areas located by the despatch bays, as allocated by the system. The system also maintains a complete record of every warehouse task. On going analysis of the pick rate for each product and bin enables easy identification of warehouse "hot spots". Detailed analysis of warehouse performance and trends can be extracted from the reports produced.

The warehouse can be run from the computer in the manager's office, with full visibility of warehouse performance available through the use of the PROTEUS® SMART Manager toolset, on a minute by minute basis, if deemed necessary.

For more information, please call Linda Rodway on +44 (0) 121 717 7474 or email me moreinfo@proteussoftware.com

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