Manual Picking - Pick Management

The PROTEUS manual picking module can greatly improve your warehouse's operational effectiveness. After a thorough examination of the current pick processes, a report is produced, suggesting areas of improvement, to help the warehouse management team to decide what is best picking practises for their particular warehouse processes. Pick routes around the warehouse are defined and put in place to maximise the picking operatives time. Equipment is also mapped to the operative and a pick plan formulated.

The module allows the operatives to pick by zone, by batch or in eaches. There may be a need for split picks. All pick eventualities are covered by the software, and a pick list allocated. Inventory and stock lists are updated, giving full visibility of stock therefore improving time wasted looking for items that are out of stock. Reports can be produced at anytime, can be out put to the pc or sent as an SMS to your mobile phone.

The module has a full range of functions that are definable, flexible, visible and puts control of the warehouse firmly in the hands of the management team.

If further detailed information is required, then please contact Linda Rodway at 0121 717 7474 or email

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