Announcing the launch of Proteus web based Financials in Sri Lanka

At this week's launch of the PROTEUS® Web Browser Financials solution to the Sri Lankan as well as the wider Asian market, Proteus Software CEO, David Gray presented a suite of financial accounting control software that only requires a web browser to access and operate the system.

Gray explained how a close business partnership with the team of Kingslake had led to the collaboration and development of the solution by the Sri Lankan based team.

The presentation explained how this would enable Sri Lankan businesses to embrace the concept of SaaS (Software as a Service), whereby Kingslake, in partnership with IBM and a leading local telecommunications company, would provide the solution for a fixed monthly services fee, based upon the number of users requiring regular and concurrent access to the system.

This fee would include the server, software, as well as implementation training services for key staff in the operation of the solution. The telecommunications costs necessary for providing a secure Wide Area Network would also be included.

Gray stated that "Our innovative approach and the design of our solution enables businesses with multiple branches to quickly roll out the solution across their operation, or into separate operating businesses, with no upfront capital costs, together with the surety of a robust, scalable and high availability system."

Duleep Fernando, Director of Kingslake explained that the experience and support of the local staff would enable the solution to be set up and implemented within 90 days, and a roll out plan would ensure the use of the solution across the business with an assured and planned approach. "The fact that the PROTEUS Solution only needs a web browser to be accessible from each PC WorkStation, without any local software needing to be loaded, makes the roll out easy and effective" he said.

According to Gray, the rich functionality, ease of implementation and update, as well as the speed of implementation and uniformity of business process approach that a web browser based solution offered, presented a compelling reason for all business applications to be delivered in this manner. "Furthermore, the flexibility and cost effectiveness to the business that a SaaS pay as you need and go model offers, makes it a winning combination," affirmed Gray.

For further information on the Proteus Web based Financials or Proteus Software as a Service please contact Linda Rodway on +44 (0) 121 717 7474 or email me

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