Flair Direct B2C site goes live with Proteus back office integration.

Flair Leisure has achieved year on year growth since its inception, with outstanding growth following on from the company’s acquisition by European toy group, Giochi Preziosi, and has an enviable product portfolio, including many renowned brands, Sylvanian Families, Plasticine, Slinky, Etch a Sketch and Hello Kitty. 

Flair has achieved the number 7 spot in the UK’s top 10 toy providers. With the ever increasing demand for their toys, and recognising the growing importance of ecommerce trading, the directors decided to open a new ecommerce trading arm to their business, Flair Direct.

Flair Leisure has been a Proteus customer since 1994, using Proteus systems to control their Financials, e-Commerce, Stock Control and Sales Order Processing.  The new arm to their business and increasing demands meant that they needed to have even tighter control of their stock and a more efficient way of operating.   A decision was made to interface their existing systems together, reducing duplication and giving full stock integration, visibility, automatic reporting and traceability. They also wanted to interface the new ecommerce system for Flair Direct into their third party operation, still keeping control of all the financial aspects of the business. Flair approached Proteus to carry out the intricacies of the task.

By integrating of all of the systems together, the Proteus team automated a great deal of Flair’s internal sales ordering processes; resulting in hardly any human intervention from point of order, through to despatch, to the allocation of invoices, and the subsequent updating of the financial ledgers. Operational effectiveness has been achieved, and Flair is delighted with the results. 

David Gray, CEO of Proteus Software said, “To complement Flair Leisure’s B2C website, provided by Proteus, we have now integrated the Flair Direct ecommerce site into their Proteus Financials and Sales Order Processing system.  Flair Leisure is very pleased with the results of the integration.  It makes good business sense to have connectivity throughout all of the IT systems.  Not only it is a very slick way of operating, the board of directors can base strategic business decisions on the information afforded to them from having a control tower perspective of the business operation. Not only that, it means that all the IT is now future proofed, and it becomes much easier to base business growth plans on up to date and accurate information. “

For further information contact Linda Rodway on 0121 717 7474 or email moreinfo@proteussoftware.com


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