French UK Provisions select Proteus WMS

When you have been in France for over 20 years building a business based upon the delivery of a specialist service to 'Brits Abroad', you are very careful about the partners you select to support continuing growth, whilst maintaining the high standard of service that has already been achieved.

French UK Provisions has been supplying a range of favourite British food products to holidaymakers, carefully building the reputation of the "Rivera's English Grocer". Geoffrey Garnett’s supermarket business built a strong reputation amongst the French Rivera sailing set. People started phoning Geoffrey with advance orders for Welcoming Packs for their arrival, and business flourished. Having recognised a growing demand, Geoffrey concluded he should move into wholesale, giving French UK Provisions the ability to supply the many supermarkets on the Rivera Coast with a select range of favourite British produce in order to satisfy the growing market.

Having successfully penetrated the retail market in the South of France, the business has now established a key presence in many French Retail Chain outlets throughout the country. French UK Provisions wanted to protect their achievements, and position the business for the next stage of their impressive growth by further developing relationships with major retailers such as:


Faced with increasing success at securing new outlets, and broadening still further their Chilled and Ambient product range, Geoffrey Garnett decided it was essential to invest in a new Inventory Warehouse Management Solution, improving their visibility, control and performance in order to maintain their excellent service.

French UK Provisions has chosen the PROTEUS Distribution and Financial Suite of software, which has been installed in their Antibes Warehouse. The software solution will improve their management of deliveries to the stores throughout France, as well as the new growth area of the Swiss and Italian Alps, servicing the growing demands and tastes of Brits Abroad.

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