Interesting Progress Factoids

It is a little known fact that Proteus Software uses Progress® OpenEdge® database to author our innovative software solutions.  There are plenty of good reasons why.  Here are some of the facts that make the OpenEdge® database one of the leading platforms in use today:

  • More than 4 million people are using applications that are powered by Progress, both on premise or in the Cloud.
  • There are more than 1,400 active Open Edge® software vendors worldwide. 
  • There are 600+ Cloud enabled Open Edge based applications running and available, with over 400,000 subscribers.
  • Over 1000 people each day become a new user of a Powered by Progress application.
  • Progress has over 30 years of experience enabling ISVs and application developers worldwide to develop, deploy and manage business applications. 

Did you know that?

Using Progress® OpenEdge® you can build, test and deploy any application in the cloud in just 12 clicks.

Applications built on Progress ®OpenEdge ®work, resulting in a 95% renewal rate each year. 

Developing and deploying multimode applications is easier than and faster than ever before, with true multi-tenancy at the database level. 

Proteus has been developing our applications since 1987 using Progress® OpenEdge®. Since being in business, Proteus has authored a complete suite of software applications including Financials (26 modules) to control your back office, Warehouse Management (31 modules) to control your warehouse processes, the Proteus Web Engine(18 modules) to control your eCommerce and web ordering activities, and Proteus Cloud WMS. The databases are easy to replicate, and if required, a fully replicated system can be designed and hosted (either on premise or in the cloud) as part of your disaster recovery policy, ensuring that your business continues to operate should your mission critical systems fail. 

The Progress ®database has always proven reliable, providing 99.9% availability, ensuring that we can offer our clients rich, highly functional, stable applications that always work.   If the systems are properly interfaced together, the result is a highly advanced system that optimises your supply chain processes by utilising the best technology to your business advantage.

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