Jennings Food Services choose the Proteus Van Sales solution for their van sales

Jennings Food Services, who deliver ancillary products such as paper plates, forks, serviettes and oils to fish and chip shops, has chosen the Proteus solution to control all of their van sales. As the shops on route buy products off the van, all details of the sales are recorded via a PDA. On return to the offices the PDA is then linked to main ERP solution via a docking station, and the data from the van sales is downloaded.

This action triggers an automatic update of the ordering, purchasing and invoicing processes, whilst updating stock levels. As a result stock replenishment is easier to control as the right levels of stock can be maintained due to the transparency gained by usage of the system.

Another benefit is repeat orders are easier to control, and the van can be stocked accordingly. As patterns of adhoc sales emerge, stock carried on the van can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual delivery routes.

Proteus MD Howard Turvey said, “This is another good new business win for the Proteusâ Van Sales product. Companies that are using the solution are finding that their visibility of stock levels greatly improved.”

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