Mayor Guiliani attends Progress Revolution Conference

Proteus Technical Director Tony Pearson received a personal invitation to meet Mayor Guiliani at the recent Progress Revolution Conference held at the Westin Boston Waterfront in Chicago.

Tony attended the prestigious event with Proteus Technical Champion John Goodland to present the Proteus Cloud WMS solution to the Progress community. The four day conference covering key IT topics that matter was especially designed for business and IT professionals. The Proteus Software presentation entitled “Have you got your head in the Cloud? You should have”, took place on day 2, Tuesday 20th September.

This topical and informative session discussed the reasons why the Cloud environment is so important to businesses today and the reasons why forward thinking companies should adopt the new technology. It also covered the ways in which Proteus had successfully created and easily deployed our Cloud WMS solution.

The presentation also discussed the benefits for supply chain operations, warehouse managers and 3PL’s for example. The first obvious benefit is no capital expenditure. Secondly a hosted WMS can easily be interfaced to non-hosted applications, i.e. the ERP systems, Sales Order Processing, the Transport Management system, pulling together the Supply Chain. Thirdly a cloud hosted WMS allows ease of execution across a number of sites, creating more warehouse services, allowing clients to disperse stock into a number of locations, and streamline the pick, pack and shipping process.

For the small to medium business provider the financial benefits outweigh any risks. And where human resource is limited, it allows business owners/managers to concentrate on core business activities rather than distract resources to building internal hierarchies to maintain the IT. The real beauty of Cloud Computing is that WMS application providers will be able to supply a simple system for say, one or two users, “switching on” additional warehouse staff as the company grows, enabling WMS systems expansion to an infinite number of users with ease.

Tony said, “I was absolutely delighted to be invited to meet Mayor Guiliani, his handling of the situation following on from the 911 disaster in New York was, and should remain an inspiration to us all. ” Tony also commented, “Personally and professionally I have found the conference to be inspirational. A lot of new Progress technologies and innovations were highlighted, explained and displayed. At Proteus we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Progress and utilising their innovative development tools.”

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