New Product Announcement from Proteus WMS

The Proteus Research and Development team have been busy expanding the Proteus WMS product set and we are delighted to announce the release of new functionality to our already functionally rich WMS suite, in response to the requests of our clients.

Favourite Menu Options

As a result the latest release of the PROTEUS WMS incorporates the facility to allow each user the ability to define their Favourite Menu Options and assign these to Icons on the PROTEUS Menu Screen. Despite the advanced functionality within our Warehouse Management Solution to tailor the standard menu options and drop downs by User Group, Role and specific person and providing the ability to have multiple menu windows open and hidden, but immediately available; there has been a growing request for Favourite Menu functionality.

Proteus Users will now be able to define a list of their own favourite menu options short cuts within My Proteus and this list is available, as well as placing your key favourites  on the PROTEUS Menu Screen with task icons as shown and a family series of selectable generic graphical  icons. Proteus Software are pleased to put customer requests into action and believe this enhancement will prove popular and benefical.


For further information contact Linda Rodway on 0121 717 7474 or email


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