Proteus Cloud WMS brings a ray of sunshine

These days when money is tight, it makes good business sense to save as much as you can by being careful with your Capital Expenditure. However this may be a problem when you desperately need to invest in an Operational System that will help you to have a tighter control of your stock and ensure delivery of your product on time to the end user. Mission critical systems are vital to running your business, so it may be a false economy to hold back on your IT investment. How can you solve this dilemma and have the best of both worlds?

Proteus Software may have an answer that will bring a ray of sunshine to your business operation. We have designed and developed innovative Warehouse Management Systems that are available as hosted solutions and delivered using Cloud Technology. Proteus WMS (SaaS) in the Cloud

The Proteus WMS (SaaS) solution controls and manages the put-away, storing, picking and shipping of stock throughout the warehouse and beyond. Our warehouse management systems are functionally rich, resilient and scalable. They are available as a simple paper-based WMS solution, RF Directed WMS or 2nd generation Voice Directed systems, and can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with business accounting and sales/web ordering systems.

Built on our many years’ experience of designing systems that can effectively support Supply Chain operations, we have taken our development another stage further and have developed warehouse management systems that can be deployed and delivered using the Internet. In other words, a hosted WMS application that is fed down line as Software as a Service or SaaS.

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