Proteus hosts the Logistics Leaders Network Seminar 8th May

Following on from the success of the February Logistics Leaders Network Seminar, Proteus will be hosting the next Supply Chain Strategy Group and Road Freight Forum seminar at our offices on 8th May.

This series of seminars has proven to be most informative, with many leaders of the Logistics Industry speaking on the latest hot topics, or in attendance.

The Logistics Leaders Network has brought together leading experts in the key fleet management cost centres of: Truck Management, Tyre Management, Driver Management, Fuel Management and Fleet Utilisation. They have been tasked with providing Road Freight Leaders with practical advice and guidance by highlighting three simple steps every fleet owner/manager can take in each cost centre to make sure their fleet management strategy remains fit for purpose. More importantly profitable!

At a meeting yesterday, an established haulier said that he had to reduce every cost to make sure he was profitable enough to meet the running costs of his fleet of £1 a mile per vehicle. The real costs of running a 44 tonner are probably nearer £1.50 a mile. Or are they!! Come along as there are always good tips to pick up from experts who are involved in supporting many fleets in all sectors. Call Linda Rodway of Proteus Software on 0121 717 7474 or Peter Acton of the Logistics Leaders Network on 01737 457002 or email to reister

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