Proteus Voice Picking in operation at Logistics Link South

Proteus Software will once again be exhibiting at the Logistics Link South Show in early February. The show which is being held at Sandown Race Course in Esher is one of the premier Logistics and Supply Chain shows held in the UK today. At the show Proteus will be demoing our 2nd generation Voice Picking solution.

The PROTEUS® voice solution literally talks people through their daily tasks replacing cumbersome paperwork and traditional data capture methods (inc. barcode scanners) with hands free personal voice dialogues.

It therefore eliminates the need for operatives to carry any hardware (except for lightweight headphone sets) and leaves both hands free for manual tasks such as driving, picking and loading. The resultant efficiencies impact a number of operational areas and case studies have highlighted the following efficiencies:

  • A 25% increase in warehouse throughput - within 6 months of full implementation
  • 10% - 25% in labour efficiency - incurred during the picking process
  • 50% reduction in training time – estimated at 3/4 days
  • Pay back on implementation costs ROI in six months
  • Lower cost of ownership - due to elimination of handheld equipment (purchase and repair)
  • Lower stock damage – due to less accidents
  • 99.9% elimination of picking errors

Further, these systems are capable of multi-lingual dialogue (26 languages) which can be used concurrently, so that non English speaking minorities can be accommodated, and duplicate systems can be adapted for use across entire European or global operations.

If you would like to see the Proteus® Voice Picking System in operation visit our stand no 157 at the show. You will receive a warm welcome from a friendly member of staff.

For further information please contact Linda Rodway on +44 (0) 121 717 7474 or email me

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