Proteus WMS Handles SSCC GS1 Logistics Labels

It is increasingly becoming best practice for suppliers to label their products with GS1 format Logistics labels containing Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) at source, so that their products have a unique identifier that will be utilised throughout the supply chain, which conforms to industry standards.

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an 18 digit number used to identify logistics units. The SSCC is encoded in a barcode, generally GS1-128 and is used in electronic commerce transactions.

The GS1 Logistics label comprises of an extension digit, a GS1 (Global Standard) company prefix, a unique identifier and a check digit. The SSCC is commonly used in Advanced Shipping notices.

Labelling is also carried out by third party logistics organisations, who label products for storage or despatch on behalf of their customers, as part of their value add services.

Proteus WMS fully supports all types of labelling requirements from simple labels, GS1 including GS1-128EAN, through to labels containing SSCC codes. Should the client require a variety of labels, for internal use or shipping purposes, our software has the capability to handle a combination of all of them, according to the clients specifications.

Proteus WMS allows both SSCC and non-SSCC pallet numbers to be stored in the same warehouse. SSCC numbers may be received from suppliers and these SSCC numbers will remain with the pallet as it is received into the warehouse.

The unique identifiers (guaranteed to be unique for a period of one year) enable the track and trace of goods throughout the supply chain. The practice of adding SSCC codes to labels is widely becoming an industry standard practice throughout many supply chain organisations.

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