Psion Launch the Omnii TX10

Proteus partner Psion has launched the new Omnii TX10 device which utilises Open Source Mobility, driven by growth in all sectors and operational demands.

The Omnii TX10 is a modular device that has Open interfaces, enabling Psion to create custom products in conjunction with their partners. The device offers HDK (Hardware Development Kits) and SDK (Software Development Kits).

The Omnii TX10

  • Better display options
  • More keyboard options
  • 2 main back styles (standard and expansion)
  • Modular design
  • Colour Camera
  • Blue Tooth
  • Wireless Lan Options

SDK provides

  • Mobile Devices
  • RFID
  • Images
  • Net
  • Java
  • C/C++

HDK provides

  • Libraries and sample programs for APIs
  • Engineering drawings for custom module needs
  • Schematics for Expansion Modules
  • User Manual

The device can be easily customised, programmed and configured in the Windows Control Panel.

Because the Omnii TX10 has modularity, the device is able to have adaptive redeployment, extending its life. Reusing devices is more responsible than manufacturing new ones, is greener and more cost effective. In fact Total Cost of Ownership is reduced by 15% due to the Omnii’s flexibility, reusability and adaptability to re-configure.

For further information on the Omnii TX10 call Hannah Moule, Psion on 01628 648800 or Linda Rodway, Proteus Software on 0121 717 7474

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