Slick Warehousing – Collaboration is the Key

Slick Warehousing – Collaboration is the Key

Ensuring your supply chain is performing to the maximum takes open and frank conversations with team members who are responsible for their particular part of the operation, and in whom you trust. This could be your 3PL provider, your haulier, your warehouse team, your manufacturer, your delivery operators and your customer services. Discussions of this nature are sometimes hard to undertake as no one wants to admit that they do have room for improvement, however we are sure that most will agree that achieving supply chain perfection in order to fulfil the demands of your customers is almost impossible without the use of good technology.

This means its adoption and utilisation across all aspects of your supply chain from supplier to end user to ensure the safe and on time delivery of quality goods. In order to safeguard you have the right technology in place for your operation it is imperative that you have open and frank conversations with your technology providers.

This is no more important than in the warehouse. A poorly operating and ailing warehouse can be detrimental to; and can have a knock on effect throughout; the supply chain. Plenty of options are available to increase efficiency, including bar codes, radio frequency, pick-to-label, pick-to-light, and voice-activated technologies. These technologies are designed to provide different levels of increased picking productivity, warehouse throughput and improved accuracy. However understanding all that is available can be a minefield and sometimes companies can be misled into purchasing a technology that is not suited to their operation.

Proteus has over 25 years’ experience of providing inventory and warehouse management solutions. Drawing upon our accrued knowledge we are able to discuss best warehouse practice, advise on processes, make recommendations, or at the very least, have a thought provoking conversation. By talking to us you gain an understanding of the latest technologies, and which of them, if any, can improve your operation.

Our Promise to You

As Warehouse Management System providers Proteus Software will:

  • Listen intensely to your warehousing problems
  • Examine closely your warehouse problem areas
  • Identify warehouse hot and cold spots
  • Make recommendations to improve procedures and processes
  • Ensure that the technology in place is right for your business

Taking an impartial and consultative approach to our customers businesses and supply chain needs, we recommend ways of improving your operation so that you get the most out of your warehouse. We are pleased to help you make proficiency gains, increase performance and throughput by improving your warehouse processes. This results in cost savings for you and delight for your customers as their supply chain performance increases. In return you gain repeat order business and an enhanced word of mouth reputation.

If you are operating at full warehouse capacity and no improvements can be made we will tell you that too.

Free Advice Centre

We will be pleased to welcome you to, and discuss your warehouse processes/problems at our WMS Advice Centre at Logistics Link South 2013. Visit us on stand no 157.

If you would prefer us to visit you for your free consultation please call Linda Rodway on 0121 717 7474 or email to make arrangements.

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