Pick to Trolley, Pack at Bench

Proteus e-fulfilment warehouse control

As the consumer e-commerce and multi-channel markets continue to grow and evolve, our logistics partners are being challenged by their retail customers to offer more e-fulfilment solutions and service offerings.

In support of these fulfilment models, Proteus Software have developed a solution to support its Logistics and Fulfilment partners Pick and Pack operations called, “Pick-2-Trolley” and “Pack-@-Bench”.

This new functionality has been developed by the Proteus Research and Development team in collaboration with its fulfilment partners, primarily, but not exclusively, for those whose operations require High Volume, Next Day fulfilment of either traditional e-fulfilment orders or Amazon Market place type “direct fulfilment” orders.

For these Operations and Fulfilment Centres picking efficiencies are vital if challenging service levels are to be maintained, particularly if a move to a Same Day Order for Same Day Delivery model is soon to be realised.   

Proteus Software's  understanding is that its customers are increasingly looking to leverage more and more from its Warehouse Management System as part of these organisations “Kaizen” frameworks, therefore an agile and fully, yet easily, configurable system is an absolute must.

Functionality highlights and main benefits of this innovation include:

·Multiple Trolley Configurations with Automated Intelligence for Trolley and Pick Team Task Creation and Assigning using Capacity Checking, Order Types, and Service Level.

·Pick directly into TOTE’s to use as the Transport Container Medium

·Multi Location Trollies supporting Simultaneous picking of Multiple Orders

·Mixed Product Order TOTE’s and Trollies or Pick by Line/Order Configurations 

·Packing Bench Management Screens for each individual Packing Station with Real Time Bench Statistics for Work Load Management and Progress/ KPI Tracking

·Trolley direction to specific Packing Benches based on Client, Order Type, Recipient, Delivery Solution or Despatch Media/Livery


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