Purchase Ledger

The Proteus® Purchase Ledger is designed to ensure that creditor payments are predicted and scheduled so that the accounts staff can monitor cash flow effectively, and provide senior management with the information to plan ahead.

Supplier details are based around an account code of up to 8 characters (with validation) and a short name facility. Factors' names and addresses can be accommodated, and individual accounts can stipulate a different creditor control account in the general ledger to allow for grouping of like accounts, e.g. utilities, overheads, trade creditors, etc. An invoice may be entered into the invoice register and distributed for authorisation prior to final acceptance into the purchase ledger.

The multi-currency option provides for automatic recalculation of foreign currency transactions to the base currency. Both realised and unrealised exchange gains and losses are reported and posted to the relevant accounts within the general ledger. The supplier account stores turnover figures in native and base currencies.

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