Purchase Order Control

Proteus® Purchase Order Processing module helps you to obtain the best purchase prices by holding pricing and discount schedules for each supplier. The system allows you to hold alternative suppliers for goods, so that you can adopt a second-source policy, having an alternative strategy in the event of supply problems.

Proteus® suggests which products are required, in what quantities and when, taking into account forward and back sales orders, stock availability and undelivered purchase orders. Proteus® Purchase Order Control handles the buying process from generating purchase requests, or initiating orders to the receipt of those goods.

Purchase invoice matching enables the quantities received to be compared to those invoiced and any price discrepancies are highlighted for action.

Based upon order frequency, stock levels and previous sales history, the system can automatically generate purchase orders or requests. Once a purchase order has been raised, the on-order stock balances are updated so that other users of the system know what is due to arrive and when. This helps to reduce lost sales, and enables your customers to be provided with accurate and up to date information regarding

Proteus® Purchase Consignment Management and Landed Cost module provides the ability to build an advance profile of the purchase orders and order lines included within an expected Consignment. The profile can be amended prior to despatch and Expected In Date(s) can be recorded and viewed whilst within Sales Order Processing.

The advance build of a consignment allows the prompt receipting of stock and linking and control of purchase orders and their reconciliation.

The various ancillary costs associated with consignment shipments can be linked and apportioned to the various stock items and reflected within the stock price valuation and cost of sales

This functionality will reduce the level of administrative work associated with the management of suppliers, purchase orders and shipments and improve control and costing accuracy.

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