Royalties Accounting

If your company has products that require you to pay a royalty to a third party, then the Proteus® Royalties module may help to reduce the administrative burden of complex calculations. It has been designed to comply with the Walt Disney licensing rules, some of the most stringent in operation.

The licence maintenance procedure provides for the addition, change and deletion of royalty licence arrangements. Details of the licensor, royalty agreement dates, products, regions and royalty rates can be maintained. Licensors are created within the Purchase Ledger.

Products to be included can be selected by stock code, analysis code or price rule, in any combination. Different rules can apply dependent upon the customer. Royalty amounts can be calculated on the basis of no charge, a royalty per unit, a percentage of actual sales value, or a percentage of price rule value. Minimum prices to be used for royalty calculations can be specified, and regional restrictions based on customer account details can be applied to ensure products are only supplied in authorised geographical areas.

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