Sales Ledger

All commercial companies understand the need for profitable sales. However, unless customers pay promptly cash-flow is adversely affected hindering expansion, and the risk of bad debt is increased. The Proteus® Sales Ledger system is designed to provide the necessary information on which the accounts department and credit controllers depend.

Customers’ details are based around an account code of up to 8 characters (with validation). A short name facility exists for any number and combination of delivery and invoice addresses for any given statement address, and individual accounts can stipulate a different debtor’s control account in the general ledger to allow for grouping of like accounts (e.g. home, export, trade etc.)

Extensive debtors reporting with summary option supports timely cash collection, with a powerful facility to induce payment history patterns by customer. This means that a realistic cash expectancy is produced based on how long customers take on average to pay, irrespective of the formal terms agreed with them. Progressive credit chasing letters can be produced automatically to aid the cash collection process.

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