Software as a Service (SaaS)

Application Software, in almost all instances, can be delivered to businesses by an Internet browser. This has come to be known as On Demand Software or, more commonly, Software as a Service (SaaS). Application providers deliver Software directly to the end user by creating a virtual server (utilising a single configuration of hardware, network and operating system), on an internet service providers bandwidth, such as Amazon EC2 or Onyx Serve.

Now that most businesses are aware that “Cloud Solutions” have been around for a while, how is the adoption of the technology progressing in the supply chain environment?

According to the Gartner Report entitled “Impact of the Cloud on Supply Chain Management” the interest in SaaS is growing, despite most companies still preferring a hosted solution.

Key Findings

  • Large organisations still prefer on-premise or hosted applications due to process complexity, data integration requirements, advanced analytics and the need for industry functionality.
  • SaaS offering span major Supply Chain Management processes: plan, source, make and deliver. The adoption varies, depending on the complexity of the Supply Chain process, and the size of the enterprise.
  • Larger Enterprises are least likely to use SaaS as it is utilised far more in the delivery process than in the planning processes.

Gartner also states that “In few cases SaaS offerings are as functionally robust as leading on-premises processes.”

In the main Proteus Software agrees with the findings of the Gartner report on their points they make about the adoption of the Cloud technology.

However there is one major point of disagreement with the Gartner Statement. If a true SaaS System is created in the first instance there is no conceivable difference between the functionality a hosted system and a “Cloud” version of the same application.

Proteus Cloud WMS is as functionally rich as the hosted application. It has the depth and breadth of functions that warehouses involved in today’s supply chain require. Proteus Cloud WMS can be used in any warehouse environment, on any type of mobile device i.e. hand held scanner, mobile phone, voice picking equipment or PDA.

The system controls and manages the put-away, storing, picking and shipping of stock from the time that the stock is delivered to the warehouse, its movements throughout the warehouse, through to the point of despatch and beyond.

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