Supply Chain Management - Order processing

Mail Order Sales Processing

The Proteus® Sales Order Processing module can be configured to include Call Customer Handling functionality to allow the processing of either existing or new consumer customers, in a fast and efficient manner. It is fully integrated with the Proteus® system providing real time stock availability, pricing access, special promotions, cross selling and merchandising information.

The system can be configured to provide Postal Code look-ups and New Account set up using Order Templates. Accounts can be defined as credit card payments and a ‘pop up’ screen will appear at the completion of the order entry to allow processing and confirmation of details.

Order Processing – Trade Sales Orders

The Proteus® Sales Order Processing module provides control over order entry and management of order procedures. It can also work in conjunction with the Sales Ledger to provide Credit Control. This module also allows the user to access many other areas of the system, whilst within the order entry screen, through the initiation of ‘Breakouts’.

It is also possible to assign different delivery dates to individual lines on an order, which would enable to control the regular or pre defined shipment requirements of a Contract Order.

Counter Sales Order Processing

With the Proteus® Sales Order Processing module the system can be configured to allow counter sales and the immediate release of an order and pick note for any visiting customer, including production of an invoice. It is also possible to process an order against a customer account, or set up a new account to retain merchandising information and sales history and process the order as either an account, cash and credit card transaction.

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