Supply Chain Management - Stock Control

The Proteus® Stock Control module would record all of the static characteristics of each stock items and a full history of all movements in and out of the warehouse(s) and within the warehouse(s).

In addition to Purchasing and Selling Unit of Measures for each stock item, the stock record is capable of holding up to 3 Units of Measure for stockholding purposes and a pricing unit of measure to provide flexibility.

Proteus® has extensive analysis codes that can be defined against Customers, Suppliers and Stock, which provide the ability to generate powerful reporting, BUT also are used with the system for business management and processing selection. This provides great flexibility with the system and can be used in conjunction with Stock Allocation, Picking and Despatch Notes.

Supply Chain Management - Batch control

It is also possible to use Batch Control on specific stock items or raw materials and use Batch Trace ability to determine which Make Orders specific batches of raw materials were used and which Sales Orders batches were shipped.

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