Warehouse Management Software - Goods Receiving

Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs)  notify the detail of Expected Receipts of individual products and the quantities from suppliers or other warehouses. The Proteus® Warehouse Management System enables the team to plan in advance and manage expected deliveries, allocating goods to the correct zones, aisles and pick bins, before the goods actually arrive.

Goods arriving at the warehouse can be receipted either manually against the supplier purchase order or scanned for accurate verification. The Proteus® Directed Warehouse Management System software will allocate put-away tasks to clear the goods inward bays quickly and efficiently. 

ASNs can provide a list of all of the barcoded ID numbers of the shipping units and the contents of each. As the Proteus Warehouse Management System optimises goods in processes, it is possible to reduce receiving costs by up to 40% 

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