Warehouse Management Software - Reporting

The essence of a quality WMS is its ability to provide valid and accurate management information easily, reliably and immediately to each authorised member of staff. The Proteus® Warehouse Management System is designed to provide a wide range of useful enquiries and reports based on specific data analysis. These standard reports are easy to produce. The Report Generator can be utilised and tailored by each user to obtain precise details and the layout required.

In addition, Proteus provides end user reporting tools that allows the extraction of data using ODBC drivers. A series of extract programs are also available to transfer key data into a data warehouse, or business intelligence software for sophisticated user defined business reports. The Proteus® WMS facilitates immediate and easy access to key knowledge enabling the warehouse team to act or respond without delay, rather than waiting for a report to be written for them.

Whilst the extrapolation of historical data is essential to future planning; equally important is the ability of the system to respond immediately to exceptions that occur. Proteus® SmartAlerts™ will immediately notify designated personnel, by email or SMS of user-selected events. For example if an unexpected stock-out occurs due to damaged stock, or a scheduled delivery fails to arrive, a SmartAlert™ will be sent, giving the warehouse manager complete control.

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