Warehouse Map

Proteus Warehouse Map ensures your warehouse environment and characteristics are reflected within the business process logic of the Proteus system, which is fundamental to the running of our solution.

The flexibility of the map enables Warehouse Managers to transpose the way they want their warehouse to work, in accordance with the operational rules they may wish to invoke.  The client defines the parameters including best routes around the warehouse, which stock goes where, picking sequences, putaway rules, and technology zones i.e. voice area,  rf scanning areas, or simple paperbased picking areas.  It has the ability to define different warehouse maps for multiple warehouses, to encompass a variety of rules in the many areas, zones, rows, aisles and tiers of each warehouse.

Using warehouse mapping optimises operational processes and gains can be seen in putaways, pick rates, stock accuracies, and fewer mispicks. It has a bearing on the health and safety aspects of warehouse management as pick routes are defined for each warehouse operative, and the correct forklift truck is mapped to the correctly qualified driver. As a result the warehouse operation is optimised, carbon footprint is lowered, and from a health and safety aspect there are fewer accidents within the warehouse environment.

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