Warehouse Performance

Warehouse Management - Performance

Warehouse operations can only be competitive over the long term by capitalising on performance knowledge. Too often this is based on intuitive knowledge rather than measured performance.

Key statistics covering pick rates, task rates, average movements, shift reports, operative and predictive reports, as well as exception alerts, help management maximise warehouse performance.

As pressure is applied to the supply chain, the demand for high levels of warehouse performance increase. Access to essential knowledge, such as hot and low spots in the warehouse and performance statistics, empower management to take the actions necessary to improve and optimise stock locations.

Proteus® Warehouse Management system provides critical decision support information, historical performance and predictive reporting to enable proactive planning and management.

The Proteus® Warehouse Performance accumulates the key data from the Directed Warehouse module to enable reporting on the key activity tasks, by individual picker, equipment type and records the time taken to complete each task, which enables performance comparisons and provides the basis for planning.

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